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Methylcobalamin Troches

Quick Overview

Methylcobalamin is the most active form among the types of vitamin B12. It is essential in proper body and brain function, and plays a major role in brain activity, central nervous function, and circulatory function. Methylcobalamin is used in treating and preventing Vitamin B12 deficiency and other issues like pernicious anemia.

It also …..

    • Improves Skin Tone

    • Promoted Health Hair Growth

    • Promotes Nail Health

    • Supports Immune System Regulation

    • Helps reverse Nerve Damage & Promote Cell Regeneration

    • Increases Energy

    • Improves Vision

    • Helps Fight Alzheimer’s Disease & Improve Memory Loss

Methylcobalamin is also the easiest form of B12, because it is absorbed quickly by your body. Other forms need to be metabolized before your body can use it, but Methylcobalamin benefits are retained immediately.


If you’re on the market to buy B12 oral supplements, Methylcobalamin is a great choice.

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