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About FLHCG.com

FLHCG.com staff has been in the health, wellness and nutrition business for years  and we are fully committed to providing the best quality injectable vitamin and HCG products direct to consumer.

You can buy with confidence since all of our products are compounded in a licensed sterile compounding pharmacy in Florida and meet or exceed the purity and potency standards that are mandated by the State. All batches are independently tested for sterility and potency.

We have spent years on the internet in an attempt to make our health related products easily obtainable as long as the consumer qualifies medically.  This requires verification by a physician during an individual consultation.

Our website is 100% HIPAA Compliant as well as PCI Compliant and your medical information as well as credit card information is extremely secure with us.

Our Mission is to bring you the injectable vitamin and HCG products that you need at the best prices, with the fastest service.  We look forward to helping you towards your overall wellness goals.